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 We Strive to better ourselves in our Corporate Environmental Policy .. and our aim is to help improve and protect the environment, so we have decided to call our Environmental Policy our 'Environmental Guarantee".




 It is now more important than ever before, that We protect our environment. In recent decades, environmental pressure has been so great that We now have to question the economic systems that have encouraged large-scale consumption of materials and energy, all at the expense of the earth's delicately balanced ecosystem.

We at Greenlog systems have decided to be proactive in taking care of our environment today so that we can look forward to a better tomorrow. We have chosen to guarantee our commitment and we hope we can inspire companies to take positive action to improve the environment we live in.

Greenlog systems annually donates 5% of its profits to projects that contribute to a greener world, and in every part of our business we look to choose suppliers and partners who have a proactive environmental policy in place.
Concern for nature and the environment is a fundamental part of our philosophy and is one of the corner stones of the company's outlook.

As a supplier, we have realized the importance of harmony between ecology and technology, and to understand the care for the natural environment at every stage of our technical development, manufacturing and marketing processes.



Our servers, computers, telephones, instruments and other electronic products have been carefully selected for their smart environmental credentials and lower power consumption. In our data centre we only use certified servers with virtual technology to ensure full utilization of equipment and energy consumption.


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Personal responsibility and education

All our staff are aware in the need to save energy and to work in a more proactive way to improve the environment by taking advantage of our resources in the best way.