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Welcome – Introduction

Welcome to Greenlog Systems UK, providers of  bespoke solutions for all aspects of weighing, and asset management. Our systems comprise of high accuracy legal for trade Underbody   and Bin weigh, to competitively priced indicative weighing systems for under body applications.


Our flagship GreenBox G2 in cab telematics device provides web based asset, driver and operator management functions through a simple modular menu. The system can be integrated with  back office systems or used as a stand alone device. Greenlog  sytems aims to provide hardware and software solutions in the continuously evolving sector of waste management and transport operations.


With our comprehensive customer support, flexible but professional approach to project management and end to end product solutions you can rely on us as your business evolves. 




Greenbox G2

The GreenBox G2 is a Modern Fleet Management tracking and telematics device which enables two way data and voice transfer between vehicle and the office. The system can be provided in various configurations from simple web based asset tracking to bespoke FMS reporting integration for body and cab. Our systems can be integrated with manufacturer approved interfaces for most makes of HGV and a wide range LCVs.

The system has been designed with flexibility in mind and can cater with data from sources such as RS232, CAN and I/O from the vehicle and on board systems. We also have the capability to carry out bespoke CAN integration for systems without recognised protocols such as specialist bodies and chassis.Our aim is to provide you with useful and concise reporting, rather than pages of data. Typical functionality available includes: 




• Bin lift operation (frequency & location)
• Body/compactor operation (frequency & location)
• Vehicle fuel use (MPG)
• Lifting weight, location and time• Harsh driving, speeding & driver abuse
• Low temperature alarm for fridge body
• Door opening alarm for secure loads
• Valve opening alarms for tanker operators
• Tailgate opening for waste operators to establish tipping site
• Notification of GHOST Events- i.e. something which was not scheduled on the route       
• Brush operation on a street sweeper to establish the area that has been cleaned
• Monitoring of gritter operations such as location, time etc.
• Alarm monitoring for overheat, overload, low oil pressure etc.
• RFID and other package or container tracking systems interfaces

The device also has the ability to support the management functions of a vehicle operator such as margin management, on a real time basis to ensure against infringements.

With the help of the central unit GreenBox G2, we can deliver a system that is entirely without vehicles computer both starts, registrate RFID, wheight data, locations, times, CAN bus data, communicates and performs self-tests completely independent of the driver.