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About Greenlog Systems UK Ltd

Greenlog Systems

Greenlog systems have been providing bespoke systems for the waste industries Public and Private transport sectors for over 15 years, across Europe, Scandinavia, and Australia. We design and manufacture our products in-house at our own Large factory facility in Sweden which houses water jet cutting machines, and large scale milling facilities with the use of computerised Robots, All design and development work is undertaken in-house ensuring High product quality and extensive quality control procedures to be in place.

We self-manufacture our product lines and this allows us to have control of the whole process and quality control, including the sourcing of the best materials. enabling our products to be ranked as some of the best in the business. Components are stress tested with our simulated computer software to fully guarantee their use in the toughest conditions.

Our reputation is built on providing high quality products which offer a reliable and accurate solution to meet the customers needs. Our clients range from private sector regional concerns to public sector and national operators in transport and waste management.

Our products are certified to the highest standards ensuring the best performance in the most demanding  of environments. With our undoubted experience of the UK Waste and Rcycling sectors , we can assure you that we can offer you a cost effective and quality solution.

From our industry tried and tested Underbody weigh systems, State of the art RFID technology, to a complete bespoke fully integrated on-board weigh system which can communicate in real-time to back office, Greenlog systems have the experience, technology and knowledge to provide you with a solution that will meet your requirements.